River boat Casino, louisiana

​Completer May 2018

This Cajun flare Riverboat Casino located in Louisiana hosts a casino with more than 800 slots, 15+ table games poker room and a Hotel.

The project was to upgrade an aging digital system with analog cameras to a newer high-density modern recording platform and upgrade to the monitoring room consoles and monitors.

A priority of the new system was to ensure reliability, redundancy and upgrading of strategic cameras to high definition IP cameras, PTZ’s and 360 (Fisheye) style cameras.

Network redundancy starts with a core chassis with dual CPU’s, dual power supplies and all cameras dual recorded on separate servers with RAID storage.

The Monitoring room console was replaced and updated with 4 monitor workstations and monitor wall.

The existing analog matrix was removed and replaced with a virtual matrix through the VMS. The new virtual matrix required new joystick controllers for precise PTZ control and the ability to switch any camera to any digital monitor with the ability to create any multi camera view on a single monitor. Gone were the limitations of the analog matrix of single camera per monitor or being bound to fixed number of outputs.

The customer wanted the ability for all archived clips to be available in a portable fashion. In the event of an evacuation, the portable storage unit that is backed up daily from the main archive server can be easily removed without tools and transported in a secure container.

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